Straight boys pass medical exam at Daddy Doctor

Watch fre video In true AD fashion Princeton Price doesn’t waste any time and he wraps his eager mouth around Bradley Hayes’ hard cock. He takes every inch down his throat making Bradley squirm with amazement.

Princeton lets Bradley use him any way he wants and he does just that. He uses that sweet mouth hole of Princeton’s as he face fucks him deep watching his balls slap against his face. Bradley loves a good sucker but he wants his smooth ass licked deep.

Princeton lifts his legs up over his head revealing his perfectly shaved tighth hole. One look at it and his toungue is deep inside licking and tasting the sweet nectar that Bradley has to offer.

Princeton continues to rim that sexy ass of his in different positions until it’s time to kick back and stroke their nuts out. Bradley’s cock is throbbing hard and he’s ready to blow his load after that amazing tongue bath. They both stroke their cocks until their creamy loads end up all over themselves.

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