Hot damn is Ryan sexy. I think we should get him back to do some more work for us with that enormous cock of his.So, in this solo, we immediately start with Ryan buck naked — but carefully hidden under a sheet. Mike is off camera, talking about Ryan, saying: great looking body, great looking guy, great looking cock . . . you got everything going for you.Mike notes how amazing Ryans ass is, and asks to see more. Ryan says, You wanna see more? He then flips over and teases the camera, showing off his perfectly round ass — thats deftly covered by the crisp white sheet. He slowly pulls it off, feeling his cheeks, grinding his body into the mattress, and showing off his hole for the camera.Ryan flips back over and starts working his meat under the sheet. We know its big, but when we finally do see his dick revealed, its breathtaking. Especially after he shows us just how big it is by pressing the sheet around it, showing us the outline of it. Once he does hoist it out from under the material, Im speechless. Its a two-fister and thick as all get-out. Ryan goes on to put on one hell of a show. Wait until you see him shoot. Its like he had a coronary or something. Legs flail about, hes breathing heavy, chest heaving . . . Dang. And that dick! Its the size of a babys arm, no doubt.

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