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Tasty 20 year old college cutie, Jonah Fisher is a sexy small town boy from the Georgia mountains who keeps in shape by running. Trevor Harris gets all the grease on this gorgeous young guy, finding that they share the same coming out story, having their parents check their browser history! After the pretty pair make that connection, the two twinkРІs turn to more tasty topics. Fisher has a boyfriend of 2 years, with a big uncut dick he speaks proudly of, and in detail. TheyРІve done cam work together, before Jonah decided to move onto the big leagues, here at 8teenboy. After imagining the dirty blond bottom getting fucked by a big, uncut cock, Harris gets horned up, and canРІt resist asking about the guyРІs kinks. Surprisingly, this angelic, innocent looking lad loves being degraded, choked and spit on! ThatРІs all Harris needed to hear to start the young stud stripping. He sheds his oversized shirt, revealing a hidden, extra HOT, toned body! Trevor inspects fisher, back to front, groping his bulging boxer briefs, which excites Jonah enough to shed his shorts, leaving him clad in sexy black, bone huggers. Trevor takes the twinkРІs thick floppy dick out and heРІs rock hard with one stroke! This guy likes to show off, and has the body to do it. After Harris gets him heated and eye fucking the camera, the thick dicked dude whips his drawers down and gets to it! He and Harris share the delicious, dick stroking duties, with Trevor stroking the twinkРІs chiseled body in between. Anxious to see the athletic dudeРІs runnerРІs rump, Harris has the hottie bend over the chair for an orgasmic, anal inspection. He finger fucks FisherРІs smooth, tight hole, throwing down a few ass smacks for good measure. Jonah turns around, harder than ever, and Trevor cranks on that cock a few times before going back to work on that beautiful butt. Then, he lets the future superstar take meaty matters into his own hands for a bit before goinРІ back in to stimulating that prostate, causing our boy to moan like a bitch! Fisher leans back and spreads his legs so Harris can hit deeper. His double finger-ass action causes that thick throbber to slob all over! Huge, heavy ropes of raunch explode from FisherРІs fat phallus, drizzling like lusty lava down his dick, then splattering onto his runnerРІs thigh. Trevor tugs on the cum covered cock, milking out every ounce of liquid lust left in the ladРІs naughty nads!

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