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Ethan Helms hasn’t been a bad boy, in fact, he hasn’t done a thing wrong, he just absolutely LOVES to be spanked, and spanked HARD. Max Carter is just the man for the job. The dirty blond disciplinarian dishes out dangerously delicious backside delights with perfect precision as Ethan lays across his lap. The boy begs Carter to crack his can hard as hell. Always happy to please, Carter swats the sexy spank slut’s bum till it’s burning bright! Ethan’s sultry scarlet cheeks tease as they peek out the bottom of the his tighty whities. Giving into the temptation to see his hot handy work, Max orders the boy to get naked and bend over. Master Max bangs the boy’s booty with his porn perfect palm and Ethan just begs for more! Carter spreads the twink’s cheeks to give the guy’s horny hole a hot smack as well, leaving no part of the kid unsatisfied. Max takes it to the next level as he seductively removes his belt, slides the leather down Helms’ beautiful back and gives the boy’s backside a subtle taste of whats to come. After a few soft leather kisses to he kid’s can, Carter cracks the his caboose till beautiful belt marks are burned into that yummy bum. Ethan begs for ten more, but the fate of his fanny is in Carter’s hands and Mr. Master will only allow five. He knows to always leave the lusty lad wanting more; and, he’ll definitely receive those 5 more and then some, as they have another ass appointment tomorrow.

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