Straight boys pass medical exam at Daddy Doctor

Strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross, Tyler Sweet arches his back and peeks over his shoulder as master Corbin Colby enters the room. Colby unlatched a leather paddle from the formidable structure and gets to work on muscle twunk Tyler’s tight tush. He tenderizes the boy’s beautiful bubble over his shorts before really putting a hurting down after dropping the dude’s drawers. Sweet’s seat is tough to beat, and Corbin can’t resist kneading and spanking the boy’s beautiful backside with his hands between paddle sessions as Tyler moans for more. With his can a ripe crimson red, Mr. Colby hikes Tyler’s underwear up his crack, and goes at his ample cheeks with a crop, before pantsing the pretty boy all together. Corbin spanks Sweet’s meaty seat like a pro, as Tyler proudly arches his back and puts his red rump on dick thickening display. Red with blood blisters, Sweet is told to tighten his seat and hold the leather instrument of tush torture between his muscular cheeks. The look of the crop standing stiff between his muscular mounds of young man flesh will leave you standing tall as well

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