Lip locked, and intertwined from the sizzling start, CJ Parker, and Asher Haynes have chemistry to burn. Tatted hottie, Haynes handles the lil dude deliciously, bossing him around with big dick energy, and a salacious side of dirty talk. CJ goes down, gulping a gorgeous mouthful of meat, after Asher bosses him onto his perfect piece. Insatiable Asher moans, tossing his tussled head back in pure pleasure, before getting on his knees to service the bronze skinned, young stud. Haynes inhales the dudes dick, then does some delicious, tongue punches damage to his hot, horny hole. Once the newbies butt is warm, ready, and slick with spit, Parker pipes up with, flip me over, and fuck me!” Haynes heaves his hefty hog in hard, quickly picking up speed to full on power fucking! The cock-cam captures every inch of their smooth skin, as Parker gets his tight pucker pounded. After, Asher lays back on the bed, points his pornstar sized piece up to the heavens, and CJ slides his sexed up, back seat right down on that D. The boy bucks like a raunchy ranch hand, throwing ass down on that thick dick HARD! Next, Haynes hammers the tight twink out on his back, till Parker cant take it any longer. The beautiful bottom busts, sending white hot spunk splattering all over his gorgeous, golden stomach. The sexy sight sends Asher into the stratosphere, and he explodes, spewing seed all over the boys cheeks, crotch, taint, and hole! He cant help but heave his stillm spasming schlong back up the dudes warm chute. Then, he plants a kiss on the naughty lil newbie, full on the lips. Perfection

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