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Max Carter always brings it hard, weather behind the camera directing and editing or in front of the camera’s lusty lense he’s always porn perfection. So, when tasty twink Riley Finch shows up to film unprepared and interrupts Mr. Carter asking to borrow wardrobe, the hung heavy dom director gives the gorgeous young guy three free passes to pester; but, Master Max can only tolerate so much. The fiercely fuckable Finch’s final request is to borrow a shoe…… because he “forgot” one. At this point, Carter looses all composure and cracks the boy’s beautiful bottom with the one shoe he brought! We can’t help but think Riley wanted a rump railing; because, who only brings ONE sneaker! This fun, feisty scene quickly gets spanktastic when Max swats pretty boy’s smooth, sexy seat with the rough rubber sole of his own sneaker. The smacking sound of rubber on tight twink tush is erotic as hell and, fuck boy Finch is horned up and happy to take every sweet swat! Blond ass master Max dominates the dude’s derri?re fully clothed, then stripped to his underwear and finally fully naked. At that point, the porn prince’s perfect posterior is a ravishingly raunchy, raging red. Realizing Riley is relishing in the porny punishment, Carter goes at that ass even harder. He hammers his heavy hand at that hind end while spreading Riley’s cherry cheeks to show off the butt slut’s sweet pleasure center. Carter counts down a fucktastic final three spanks as Riley closes his eyes and enjoys each erotic moment before his ass owner gets back to work. Finch’s fanny fantasy cums to full fruition in this sexy backseat scene and, spank lovers….. so will yours

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